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Free Vinyasa Yoga Class by Faith Hunte
This is a free Vinyasa yoga class from Faith Hunter’s new online yoga class series.

In this free yoga class you will experience a soothing Vinyasa class that has a few challenging postures. The purpose of today’s class is to learn to synchronize your body and breath and allow your breath to guide you through the flow.

This 30-day series incorporates Vinyasa flows, healing restorative sequences, mudras, and a reflective meditation to amplify your inner beauty and grace. It consists of 6 classes, each focusing on a different aspect of building inner strength.

This series will help you become a more conscious, soulful and open person. You’ll learn to synchronize your body and breath to better connect with your movements, cleanse and wring the body and mind with twists, backbend your way into embracing vulnerability and openness, and ignite your practice on a more physical level with arm balance variations and core work.


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