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5 Drone Shooting Tips: How-to Film Awesome Aerial Shots – Phantom 4

You can capture amazing aerial drone photo and video shots with the DJI Phantom 4, and here are 5 Tips and Tricks on capturing those awesome shots… (kinda like Casey Neistat shots, but safer 😉

5 Shooting Tips:
1. Use the cool built-in special features/modes; my favorite is Active Track. Super quick and easy to track an object while moving, plus spin around the subject with the right stick, and ascend or descend in height with the left stick, while rotating around. It’s a complex move that’s easy to perform and looks awesome.
2. Dial in your video settings. I like to shoot in a flat color profile for color grading in editing. Also, shoot in 4K or if you want buttery smooth slow-motion shots, stop down to 1080p for 60 or 120fps.
3. Racing around in Sport mode. Keep your shots flying straight so you don’t have whiplash or zig-zags in your shots. Bonus trick, film in high frame rate (60 or 120fps), then when you slow down the shot, camera is still moving at a good rate, but the people/subject is moving in slow motion.
4. Keep your moves slow and steady – stay away from quick pans and tilts
5. Practice, practice, practice. With more practice, you’ll become more confident and comfortable at flying, plus you can then start capturing more risky shots, while being safe.


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