SketchUp Tutorial – 1 – Beginner SketchUp Tutorial

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SketchUp Tutorial – 1 – Beginner SketchUp Tutorial
SketchUp tutorial series for beginners.
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This course will teach you the basics of SketchUp. The SketchUp Hero course will teach you advanced techniques to make you an expert.

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We will also discuss 3D modeling and the 3D modeling and design industry. You will also get incredible advice on how to find jobs and clients as a SketchUp user. This comprehensive course would normally be thousands of dollars to take somewhere. It’s absolutely free. So please share it. SketchUp is a free 3D modeling program available to everyone.

This series will be project based. We will learn all the tools and features by creating a shed. After that we’ll advance to more complex structures.

SketchUp is used by:
*Game Designers*
*Graphic Designers*
*Interior Designers*
*Landscape Designers*
*Set Designers*
*3D Printers*
*General Contractors and more.*

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