Legoland Florida Hotel Review 2016

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We recently took the kids to Legoland and stayed at the Legoland Hotel! We had an AMAZING time! Below is our Legoland Hotel review. This is part one of our two part Legoland review for Legoland Florida!”


I LOVED legos when I was a kid. I used to spend hours making spaceships, castles, and robots out of those little plastic bricks. I can remember my dad always used to take my creations to his office and put them on his desk so his clients could see them. I was always proud of seeing my lego art all over my dad’s office. Legos have a special place when I think about my childhood. When we saw the Legoland Hotel for the first time, I knew it was a place we had to take the kids!


The Legoland Hotel is a magical place that is endless fun for kids under 10-12 years old. It’s a kid’s dream. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by incredible sculptures made out of legos. Lego dragons, castles, monsters, city skylines and furniture are everywhere. One of our favorite features was the wall behind the desk. The entire wall was decorated with little lego people. The legos are not confined to the decorations. Giant pools of legos are everywhere, and are open for kids and parents to dive in and build their own creations. They even have areas to display the things you build.
We spent hours just digging through legos and letting our imaginations run wild!


Themed restaurants, nightly pajama storytimes, lego character photo ops and constant dance parties fill the lobby at all hours of the day.
The restaurants by far had the best lego sculptures. There were tons of options on the buffet for kids and adults.
There was also a full service bar for parents wanting to unwind while the kids played on the Castle/Pirate ship playset in the main lobby.
There is a huge dance party every night when the restaurants in the hotel open for dinner.
Numerous Lego characters in full costume come out to take pictures and dance with the kids.
There is also a pajama party every night that includes characters, story time and a second dance party.
The storytellers were hilarious, and they did a great job getting that last bit of energy out of the kids before bedtime!


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